series 2012 - 2017

When we try to understand nature, we always use models and sketches, we try to describe and visualize relations in order to explain them.
My sculptures pretend to be anatomic models. But further examination quickly reveals that theses creations are the product of sheer phantasy.
Today natural sciences have largely taken the place of religion and are turned into a fetish like once religion and belief. But even if humanity succeeded in deciphering the mystery of life on a physical and biological basis, there still remains the question concerning the metaphysical cause and the superior sense of all existence. I suppose that the answer won't be an easy one, no god, no “theory of everything”. There is only the unmanageable and incomprehensible abundance of absolutely everything.
But even if that was true, there wouldn't be a reason for us to desperate and to give us up to nihilism. Because Heidegger says: “To be oneself is the discovery that is already included in the act of searching, the steady light which illuminates the way for every reverence by virtue of which alone we are receptive for the appeal of the Absolute”.

Material: shards of ceramics and porcelain, glued with epoxy resin